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Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service

Sunday 9th and Monday 10th September River Wye and 41 barbel

Richards Mother contacted me sometime ago to purchase a voucher to give to him on his birthday. After his birthday he contacted me and during our discussions on what type of fishing he would like to do and species to target we decide that barbel and chub would fit the bill. He also wanted to add another day to the session. He had never caught a barbel before and wanted to open his account. His target (not mine) was to catch a couple of barbel each day and to get one over 6lbs.

So it was decided to fish the Wye.

After some confusion and misunderstanding between the both of us we met to fish on Sunday morning at 7.30am. Our destination was the Courtfield beat of the river. The rain had stopped about 10 days ago and the river height was beginning to lower to a more normal summer level. So having been following this on the EA web site we decided to fish the wooded area since little fishing had been possible there for most of the summer. Also on this trip I bought a good friend Andy to fish. He hadn’t fished the Wye for barbel before and was quite excited.

The tactics were the normal swim feeder filled with halibut ground bait and a 10mm pellet hair rigged on the hook. We fished towards the bottom end and had to cast about 3/4 of the way across the river.

It took about 45 minutes to get our first fish which was a 2lb chub, followed another hour later with another slightly larger. So not that exciting really.

Then it happened Richards rod arched over and he was playing his first barbel, not the largest one in the Wye but one of 5lbs 8oz in perfect condition. To say he was excited would be an under statement. He was in awe of their fighting ability.

Richards first ever barbel


Next it was Andy’s turn and he caught his first ever Wye barbel of 6lbs 1oz.


Andy's first Wye barbel

Two barbel were lost in quick succession because of the line or hooklink being cut off on the rocks, something I just don’t like.

Richard playing a barbel

We continued fishing in the cloudless sky, this being another reason why we wanted to fish in the more shadier parts of the beat. We thought here the barbel would feed. We had another 3 more barbel in 90 minutes with Richard having the largest at 7lbs.

Richard and a large barbel of 7lbs

Don came to see us and said the fishing had been very difficult and few barbel had been caught, so was pleased that we had a few.

Our plan was to move up into the meadow section in the late afternoon where the fish should come onto the feed. So at about 3.30pm having had a quite hour without a touch we moved camp.

We fished two swims where I have had great success before. Andy fished the upper one while Richard fished the lower one.

After about an hour Andy was playing a beautiful barbel, and it didn’t half bend the rod. On the scales it went 8lbs 15oz.

Andy and a 8lbs 15oz barbel

Then he had a smaller one of 5lbs an hour later. Followed 15 minutes later when his rod took off again. This time the fish really fought well. It was a slightly bigger barbel of 9lbs 2oz. What a fish.

Andy and his 9lbs 2oz barbel


Richard upped sticks and set up next to Andy. First cast he hooked a very big fish which powered of however he didn’t land the thing. Disappointment faded as he hooked and landed a smaller barbel of about 4.5lbs.

He wasn’t done there as dusk approached the rod belted over and he was playing another large barbel. Things were looking good. He just couldn’t comprehend how well these fish fought. The rods bend double and clutch slipping when the fish tried to bolt, all very exciting stuff. The barbel was perfect and large at 8lbs 4oz. He had a grin from ear to ear.

Richard and his 8lbs 4oz barbel


So that was it 10 barbel and 3 chub for the day, a very difficult day condition wise but knowing the beat well certainly helped.

Richard and I met at 7am the next day where we headed for Wyebank beat. Now again this beat hasn’t been fished much this year due to the river height. I was going to meet Graham a friend of mine who was going to join us at 7.30am.

Looking upstream at Wye banks

So having got there a little earlier we setup in the swim and cast out. Well the rod wasn’t out more than 5 minutes when it arched over. Barbel on! Now the river is shallower here and roars through so these barbel really pull the string. It was only a small one of 2lbs but fought well in the current.

What a start. The phone went  so I went and collected Graham. By the time I had arrived back (15 mins) Richard had caught another and lost one. He just couldn’t believe it!

By 9.10am he had caught 10 barbel to 6lbs. We were busy casting, playing, unhooking and laughing.

Graham was catching a few barbel too.


Graham playing a barbel


One thing Richard used to ask when casting out was was it in the right place, and a couple of times he would ask the question and before he could place the rod in the rest it would rattle around and a barbel would be hooked and we would say I think it is!

By 1pm he had caught 20 barbel. Have a look at this video.

So at the end of the video 31 barbel from one swim, a couple were caught twice that’s how hungry they were.

Richard did have a couple of chub with the biggest going 4lbs 2oz.

Richard and a 4lbs 2oz chub


I think Richard will return with his young lad to fish here again.






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