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Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service

Willow lake February 1st to 3rd

Roach fishing tackle for sale. only joking.

I arrived late on Tuesday 1st of Feb to find the lake completely frozen. I phoned my good Lady to curse and swear and take my frustrations on what I found not on her but boy oh boy I was angry. I had phoned a friend who said that all was good on the lake. But to be fair we had a good frost on Sunday which turned the lake into a frozen waste. There was little free area’s of ice but could I help progress. The temperatures were due to be warmer as the week concluded.

I briefly looked and saw that I might just have a “Cunning plan Baldrick”

I fired out some maggots with a catapult onto the thin ice hoping that the ducks would do the business and break the ice.

In the mean time I would fish the plateau swim just one rod length out in 15 ft of water. Here I’ve just got a feeling the roach might just patrol along. Any thoughts of running down to the Dorset Stour for big chub evaporated as did the chance of catching medium size chub from the Bristol Avon.

I slowly broke the ice with my landing net, until calamity struck the landing broke and certainly the disaster  of the day continued. I don’t normally do angry but things were not going to plan. I started to think the lake was against me and that the big roach wouldn’t play the game.

The sun had set and the temperature  started to drop. However the air temperature was higher than the water temperature and a mist started to gather. I say water temperature the lake was still covered in ice. I’m still not happy but I’ve got a line in the water where dreams of large roach are made. The evening passed with the air temperature being warm and fog started to gather.

Soon the water saturated air condensed on the trees and the drip drip of the water droplets falling on the bivvi confirmed that the thaw was on the way.

I listened to the radio in the bivvi it was football and time went by fairly quickly. The winter fishing and bivvi is not my “Cup of tea” the roach don’t feed and the hours of darkness are long. However the thoughts of that 3lb plus roach keep you going. This was to be my 13th night on the lake. This didn’t change my luck.

Maggot hunter

I was awake early and walked down the bank to look at the swim I wanted to fish. Alleluia the ducks had cleared the ice and I could cast out the 54 yds to the area where the fish were being caught.

It took me something like 45 minutes to transport all of the equipment down to the swim.
I was using the normal 2 hook rig with a swim feeder of 25g. Both rods hit the area and as I continued to get things sorted out. Dan Williams came to join me for a brew. It was now 10.30am so I had the remaining 24hrs in front of me.
Dan and I chatted about everything in fishing and what was happening. He had been fishing Stoneacres during the morning for pike but had a blank……..tell me about it.
Dan had to leave for more important things in life, at 17 he has a good old head and will be a great angler in the future.
His Dad Vince caught a good 24lb plus pike the previous week and considering his limited time available for fishing producing some good catches.
I’ve known these guy’s for a few years now and they provide great company.
Any how at about midday the wind increased from the west and the entire ice flow moved down the lake stooping me from recasting. It was extremely spooky as the ice crashed and broke into the weed, you just couldn’t see the thin ice.
What happened for the next 2hrs didn’t help the ice flowed down the entire length of the lake and it was impossible to keep the rods out.
By 2pm all had settled and I could recast the 54 yds to the area that I thought might hold the fish. It’s close to weed but clear enough for my feeder to land on the bottom with the terminal tackle untangled.
Alas the bait was not touched after 4 hours and a final cast before darkness didn’t change things during the night. Again footy was on the radio so time went quickly.
A few carpers arrived during the evening and the next morning. It looked good for them, but not for me as I need to leave at midday.
Can’t believe what’s happening. I’m unsure if you call it tenacity or stupidity 14 days and nights for not a lot. The challenge and the passion is still present. Time will tell!
I’m fed up with putting scenic photo’s on the site as you are too. Some things are not to be easy. I suppose I can’t complain I’ve had a good season so far and as it is the coldest winter for 100 years. Things will change.

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