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Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service

Late Jan and hello more large chub and a great perch catch

Feeling reinvigorated after the ill health of December and early Jan it was great to look forward to some fishing on a perfect H.Avon and D.Stour. I say perfect, ” low and clear an the chub are here” springs to mind.

I was supposed to be guiding on the Tuesday then a day to myself on Weds and then helping a friend catch a pb chub on Thurs. Well things didn’t work out for one reason another both guys pulled out of the agreement.

So that was it 3 days of my fishing time. Now those that know me understand that I never fish when guiding, so this was a great opportunity for me to fish.

First day saw me looking more than fishing which is pretty normal. However I managed a few 4lb chub and a beautiful big bream of  5lbs 12oz. This fish gave me a right old song and dance taking me way downstream and eventually I landed it, or should I say beached it into the field where the river was so high and flowing over the bank.

5lbs 12oz bream

5lbs 12oz bream

The next morning I fished a swim that can do 7lb chub and boy oh boy did I want one of these.

However arriving the forecast said it was going to be strong winds and showers. I set up the Korum 2 piece river quiver with 6 lb main line and a black cap feeder and a 3 inch hooklink of 4 lb line to a size 20 super specialist hook. Got to say I’ve never had one of these straighten out before, unless your name is Steve. lol

So after planting 6 droppers of red maggots into the swim I tackled up ready for the session.

First cast had me seeing a few tail wags on the line and then the rod gave a positive bite and I was playing an angry chub. I managed to lead it out from the snags into clear water where it was a formality to land a great looking and pigeon chested chub of about 4lbs

So I recast again. It’s important to cast every 15 mins to keep the bait going into the swim.

After 30 mins or so the rod was off again hooped over and a lively chub pulling back on the other end. This one had me in and out of the snags a few times. Knowing it seemed like a better chub I was playing it “Cool”. Well not really the wind had increased to such an extent I couldn’t feel much as the line and rod was being buffeted by the wind and fish.

However a beautiful fish showed near to the bank and quickly she was scooped into the net.

I had a couple more small chub, before the wind got so strong the rod kept blowing into the river. It was after about the 6th time of the rod in the river that I decide to move swims and even rivers. Later the local news station said that winds of 60mph hit the area so I’m not surprised that the rod took off into the river so frequently.

So there I was on a secret swim on the D.Stour completing exactly the same process as on the Avon. Bait drop first then 30 mins later cast out.

It wasn’t long before a big chub was being played. Unfortunately I had forgotten about the snag under my feet and I lost it.

Again recasting it was after 5 mins I hooked another good chub, this time armed with the local snag info I moved and netted the fish downstream.

Oh yes! 5lbs 12oz.

5lbs 12oz chub

5lbs 12oz chub

So the move was proving to be a good one. The wind was at my back and the tips hardly moved in the wind. I had another one shortly of 5lbs 8oz and a smaller two of 4lbs. So a great decision to move me thinks.

5lbs 8oz chub

5lbs 8oz chub


The next day I was determine to fish the Avon again, as you will never catch an Avon 7lber fishing the Stour!!!!!

So I started in one really nice pool early in the morning.


So I moved to where I had the 6lbs 10oz the day before and a complete blank again!!!!!

So thats fishing for you.

A fat full day of no bites is hard to swallow however that’s life!


The next day I was fishing down in Somerset on a beautiful little fishery with Shaun for perch. Now this fishery is packed with some great perch nothing much over 3lbs but they are present in large numbers.

We had decide to fish with the pole and casters as this had been out fishing most other methods.

Wrong this just didn’t work.

Good old prawn did the trick.

Here is the catch rate for the day.

8.50 perch 1.12
12.00 perch 1.14
12.10 perch 1.12
12.33 perch .8
1.12 perch 1.11
2.10 perch 1.2
2.45 perch 1.12
4.10 perch 1.4
4.35 perch 1.10
4.37 perch 1
4.45 perch 1.4
4.50 perch 1.13
5.20 perch 2.8
5.30 perch .8
5.40 perch 1.4

So 15 perch and after moving swims at 4.05 pm the catch rate improved. And eventually it was the perch equivalent to happy hour.

Sorry for Shaun the photo’s were poor, however I’m sure he will be back on the fishery again this week.

Happy days and a pb for Shaun. That’s a pb perch, chub and barbel he has managed with me.

Shaun and a pb 2lbs 8oz perch

Shaun and a pb 2lbs 8oz perch


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