Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service

Ist Guiding session on the Bristol Avon for 2012-13 season

After the difficult 6 weeks or so after the sudden death of Dad it was good to be guiding again on the river.

Luke and his Dad Steve had wanted to catch some chub and barbel from the Bristol Avon. The family had given Steve a voucher for a days guiding for his birthday present. The river had not been fishing particularly well over the first day or so although a 12lb barbel had come out together with a couple of others.

After meeting up we were soon on the river. First things were to bait up with some hemp via a bait dropper in a couple of swims where I had seen some good fish in the close season. The river was fining down from the previous weeks rain but still pushing through. This has got to be a good sign for the summer and flow and water levels.

Whilst we waited for the fish to get their heads down on the hemp I showed the guys some of the rigs that I use and a few knots that might help them in the future. The weather was hot and sunny a complete contrast to the last few weeks rains and winds.

Soon enough both were cast out in a couple of swims about 100 mts apart. The clarity was not particularly good however you could still make out cabbage patches and gravel runs reasonably well.

It was Luke who landed the first fish. I had moved down to his swim to see how things were going. And within a couple of minutes his rod lurched around and hey ho he was playing a nice chub of of exactly 4lbs.


Luke and a 4lb chub

This was from the area where the hemp had been put. Anyone who uses hemp understands the great pulling power this has in getting the chub and barbel rooting around in the swim.

So this was a good start.
Steve on the other hand was not getting any action  at all in his swim.
So after about 2 hrs we said that by 11am we would move onto some other swims that held some good barbel and chub.
With 15 minutes to go Steve moved down and cast out under some overhanging branches. After about 10 minutes the rod tip flew around and he was playing a chub which after about 5 seconds or so came off. Oh dear!
With that Luke came up saying that he had caught a barbel. So Steve and I wandered down to take a couple of photo’s. It wasn’t a monster but at 6lbs 8oz it was still a decent enough fish.

So with Steve wanting to get in on the action we decided to move swims and try our luck downstream in a couple of likely spots. At first I showed them a couple of very good swims and then another where I had seen some barbel the previous week. As we looked in the clear run a couple of barbel were present and then at the back of some cabbages we saw a couple of nice chub with one that looked like a bream it was huge.

We decided that Steve would fish there. However as we looked at a couple of other swims we saw a couple of good barbel and about 10 chub in a good spot. Luke fished a swim that does hold some large chub and barbel, while we got Steve positioned in the swim containing the shoal of fish. Out went some hemp and sure enough the chub came to feed. We had lots of plucks and pulls but nothing positive. It was the by now mid afternoon and not the best period of the day to catch fish. Steve then changed to a lighter lead and quiver tip and first cast he caught a nice little chub of about 3lbs.

Steve and a 3lb chub

So at least he wasn’t going to blank. The barbel had done a disappearing act but the chub were still present. In the meantime Luke hadn’t had a bite in his swim so I suggested he try the swim where we saw the vary large chub.

I stayed with Steve as after all it was his birthday present.
Time went on, Steve needed to finish at 4pm because he runs a cub’s group and that starts at 6.15pm. So as we were about to pack away he got a call from Luke to say that he had landed that big chub. He though it was well over 5lbs. So I grabbed the camera and Steve’s tackle and headed off to meet up with him.
As we approached he had a big grin on his face and said that the weight was 6lbs 5oz and a new pb for him.

What a fantastic fish from the Bristol Avon. I see plenty of 6lb and 7lb chub from the Stour and H.Avon but this really is a great fish from the river.

Luke and his 6lbs 5oz chub

So you can guess Luke was extremely happy with his catches. Steve on the other hand hadn’t fair-ed quite so well. But hey, that’s fishing and my philosophy is, so long as someone is catching then it’s great news for everyone.

So Steve and Luke had learned much from the session on the river and they can’t wait to get back on there again.
It was pleasure to guide them and to be back on the rivers.

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