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Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service
Kenny's Angling Guiding Service

Early Dec and two 6lb chub again

It was time to travel down to the H.Avon once more to fish for chub. The river had risen over the previous week and plenty of rain had fallen.

Some good chub were caught during that period plus a few 7lbers. Unfortunately I was unable to get onto the river during this period.

I was to have 2 days on the river the 5th and 6th of December. The forecast said lots of rain and strong winds hardly perfect for float fishing, NOT.

The aim was to get some fish under my belt in a banker swim then look around for one of those 7lbers.  I was late getting away from home due to other commitments but still managed to travel down in 2hrs which is pretty slow. There was a hard frost the previous night but this morning the temp was back up to 8c. The actual water temp was good at about 10c.

So right I made my mid up to fish a swim where I had caught 2 6lbers on the previous visits. So I parked the car and sloshed my way over the ankle deep water covering the water meadows to where I was to fish. The wind was strong and downstream making float fishing more than just a little difficult. I put out some hemp and red maggots in an effort to draw the chub out from under the willow branches. The light values and coloured water meant I couldn’t see any dark shapes coming over the bait. I started fishing at 10am. I used the float rod for 15mins and then gave up. Minnows were wreaking the maggots on the hook. I decided to go over to the feeder and guess what in the shallows it was minnow after minnow then normally where the water is deeper its clear of them the little beauties kept coming. Now the wind was starting to pick up more and it was supposed to rain hard later.

So I moved down river by about 300m to the Aquarium swim one where I had been successful before in October. Again I put out some droppers of hemp and red maggots and sat under the umbrella with rain now falling. Bugger all I caught were minnows again. Now I was getting frustrated and once more took the float rod downstream about 20m and started to fire out maggots. It was difficult to control the float properly in the high wind that was blowing in my face now. The clouds grew much darker and the wind and rain increased in intensity.

Then it happened I bumped of a chub early in the trot. So they were there and feeding.  The rain was now being whipped up in strong winds and I headed for the sanctuary of the umbrella to batten down in some comfort. Out went the feeder rod and I continued to recast every 10 mins or so. Then after about 30 mins the rod shook in the rest and I lifted into a nice chub that fought so well in the current. A couple of times it almost pulled hard enough to reach the willow branches but the hook held well and the little 12ft Korum river feeder rod did the business of controlling the beast on the other end. The landing of the fish was taken about 30m downstream. It looked a good fish and sure enough 5lbs 15oz. No cigar but a nice looker.

5lbs 15oz chub

I was pleased as no blanking. I recast to the same spot and sure enough they must have been queuing up as another chub had the rod bent really well, as I moved the chub downstream for netting it got stuck in some unseen weed and the size 20 hook came out. 1-1 I thought as I cursed as the hook link was broke. It’s 4lbs 12oz stuff so I was disappointed.

The rest of the session saw the rain pour down and the wind gusting bulging the umbrella. Twice it imploded on me such was the force of the wind.

I caught another 3 chub during the deluge 2 others at 5lbs and a 4lber.

So what turned out as a difficult session saw me catch 3 5lbers  which is pretty good in my book.

Day 2 saw me late on the river yet again as I had to meet a builder to discuss some work. This time the morning was pleasant.

I arrived in Ringwood tackle to speak to Richie who said the river was fishing well. A quick look at the side stream near the shop showed a slight tinge of colour but it looked perfect. I was shocked that the river was not in flood from the previous days rain.

I had seen enough the conditions were great. I headed off to a stretch where 7lb chub had been caught in the past year or so. It can only be fish sensibly when the river is low in winter and today conditions looked perfect. There was very little weed coming down in the flow and the only problem was that the wind would increase in velocity later in the day.

So I bait dropped some maggots and hemp into 8ft of water to get the chub on the feed. Andy Little had sowed this seed into my head. When we put out bait in fast flowing water we think we know where it hits the bottom and gets the chub feeding. However often they come up into the water to intercept.

So out went some hemp and maggots. I started with a 10g float running it through the swim and thinking they must be feeding.

There was a very slight slack that screamed chub and each time the float passed it I was ready for that bite. I was using my new Free Spirit 15ft HS float rod. The reel was loaded with 5lb Drennan Supplex line and Preston Reflo 4.12lbs hooklink. So I wasn’t going to let any chub get into the willow branches.

Then it happened as the float sailed through the slacker water the float buried and the strike was met with a very solid resistance of a chub on the other end. I need to say the rod performed perfectly absorbing the chub lunges as it fought towards the willows. I lead it downstream to a near side slack where I netted it.

Coming to the net.

It looked like a good fish and bearing in mind I never caught a 6lb fish from the swim before it was pretty close.  I carefully got the scales out and she went 6lbs 5oz and my 13th 6lber from the river this season.

6lbs 5oz chub

I was over the moon and to land it on my new rod was perfect.

I carried on bait dropping and float fishing and after one more hour the float disappeared once more. I lifted into another chub which felt much smaller and was at 4lbs 8oz.

The wind continued to pick up and float control became even more difficult so for the last 2 hours I decided to feeder fish. Now I’m very lucky to have a friend in Paul Frisk who make the best  feeders  I know. He will make them to a specific design and has helped me with some perfectly over sized ones for the Avon. He is a genius and I owe him a great deal of credit for my catches.

To cut a long story short I missed a few big bites when I cast out the feeder. They were typical big bites but no hook-ups. At least they were there.

Soon I had a trembling bite with the feeder being taken downstream. I lifted into the fish.

First I though it was barbel by the way it fought. It was laboured and slow however I soon had it under control and away from the willow branches. The chub held in midstream for a long time however eventually I bought this great big chub into the waiting landing net. It was another 6lber.

6lbs 10oz

So that was it 2 6lb chub from the swim was very exciting for sure. There was still time for another.

So out went more maggots via the dropper.

I managed to find one more chub of 5lbs 10oz which was the final fish of the day. Got to say it was a wonderful session.

5lbs 10oz

4 chub again with 2 times 6lbs and a big 5lber plus another 4lber is fantastic fishing for sure. So two on the float and two on the feeder, better than being a one trick pony.

So that’s 14 X 6lbers for the season is great going.




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